K/L interview plus Radford Electronics on paper

At the following link u can find a nice interview made by my brother /partner-in-crime Luca Tanzini about the whole K/L thing. Support this great fanzine:


Also: Radford Electronics appears on the pages of Rumore, a nice italian magazine about underground Rock music. Thanks to our compagno Marco Pecorari, here’s the scans:


Körper / Leib 009: Luxardo – Ogni Giorno Eccitazione. (1978) C30 (preview)

Really proud to announce the ninth release of your favorite italo-tape label. This time we have a very special release, cooked by your crooner Luxardo, from Guerrilla Toss and Tredici Bacci. “Ogni Giorno Eccitazione”. This words are full of lust, glitter and soft-erotism, in a kind of italian-raucous humour. As well, Italy is part of this fiction. This thug named Luxardo is the chansonnier of all that. Imagine an obscure mid-eighties-Serge Gainsbourg croonin’ in fake italian on the tracks orchestrated by Armando Trovajoli, or at least a soft-porn comment for an italian porn comedy, which “Ogni Giorno Eccitazione” actually is. It was 1978, and Luxardo ruled that scenario, in certain ways you can find the same directions Battisti/Mogol reached and spawned in that years. In another life or another level of reality, the deliquente named Luxardo could be also the bass player of a noise-funk band or the director of a cult orchestra named Tredici Bacci. But here what’s real it’s transfigurated by his double mirror: let’s have a Martini and listen to this Romantico jams.



BROMP TREB italian tour + K/L new releases: THE WEST MASS BATCH

Hello everyone,
glad to announce these matters that will take my time from now to next month. Firstly, the mighty Neil Young Cloaca, aka Bromp Treb, will crush against Italy, in order to present two gems: the LP on Feeding Tube and the monolith The Last Functioning Audio Cassette Left on the Planet” on K/L. My new duo, Sick Sciences, with the drum wizard Stefano Costanzo, will bring him on the best and worst places of this shiny nation. The route, currently is this. If you want to help us, you’re welcome.

25/04: Latina (Circolo H)
26/04: Napoli (Cellar Theory)
27/04: Roma (Dal Verme)
28/04: Perugia (Chupito)
29/04: tba
30/04: tba

Found in a lead box, this is the last electro-mechanically functioning audio cassette left on the planet. In spite of the Gaia-wobble and switched poles, every pathetic particle desperately and thankfully remains clinging to this dysfunctional globe. The magnetic data remains here encoded in high-bias chrome. No it cannot be played on a garden computer. It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet? A primitive tape mix cut from slices of time segmented samples recreated with binary yes no machines
copying reprinting pushing back into analogs and copying the reprints, removing and overdubbing, but mostly accumulating, replaying, and reperforming. Bromp Treb listened to digital machines but with analog ears and made a cast of those ears and then buried the casts in magnetically-charged metal shavings. The result was plastic and tangible, illegible but lost, until now.Tape collages from recordings made with many devices from 2013 – 2016. 
This release is part of a special batch of K/L tapes: THE WEST MASS BATCH. The next three issue will be geographically located in the same area. Very glad that Luxardo and Curse Purse will join K/L family. More news will follow.
All the best,
Körper 001: Aun/Rainbow Island (C40; split) SOLD OUT
Körper 002: Sandra Bell – Dreams Of Falling (C42; reissue) SOLD OUT
Körper 003: Eks – EksM (C42) SOLD OUT (small repress: 10 available)
Körper 004: Talibam! – Free World (C40) SOLD OUT
Körper 005: Polveriera – From 143 to 236 (C35) SOLD OUT
Körper 006: Bitcoin – Different Traces In Fictional Languages (C30)
Körper 007: MANAS – Things Of Outtakes (C35)
Körper 008: Radford Electronics – s/t (C30)
Coming next:
Körper 009: Luxardo – Ogni Giorno Eccitazione [1978] (C40)
Körper 010: Bromp Treb – The Last Functioning Audio Cassette Left on the Planet (C60)
Körper 010: Curse Purse – Hundred Headless (C20)

Körper / Leib 008: Radford Electronics C30

Radford Electronics first record it’s out and in its entirety on Bandcamp!

Recorded and mixed between August 2015 and January 2015 at KU Studio (Napoli): Everything was recorded on a 4-track tape recorder. No editing, no overdubs. Every track was written by Radford Electronics except “Bewtiched”, that is a Beat Happening song.

Artwork by Andrea Bolognino
Mastered by Sec_
Track 1 & 3 played with Kaspar NonNewton

2016 has not started in the best way for the guys as they have faced several legal problems: an assault by four french stalkers and a fight in a room that didn’t have a happy ending for the beatmaker Eks. Four stalkers called “Les afghanes on tour” obsessively followed the guys for six months (lurking beneath their house, threatening them and going so far as to threaten L., the mother of one the guys). April 15, 2015, guitarist Aaron Rumore was in a gas station in Hamburg in his Audi and, tired of provocations, he struck one of them (the twenty years old Perrine D.) after she blew out a cigarette on the window of his car. Everything was filmed by a security camera and Rumore was denounced and then fined € 1,000. Against Perrine it was instead issued a restraining order that ordered to stay at least one kilometer away from the guys, facing a fine of € 25,000.


The guys will perform at the amazing Cava for the guys of Brigadisco Records. Here’s the artwork and the other infos: