After some months filled with silence, K/L is totally back on work, ready for this deep and severe winter season. K/L is an individual biz, so it’s positioned in parallel to my life, i mean: musicians, distros, friends, buyers, fans, followers and inquiring peoples, don’t worry about this period of silence, ’cause i’m only setting up all the matters for a comfy winter. I have almost three tapes near the release date and one of them is in the last stage of the making, in US. First of all: the Curse Purse tape will see the light in the second week of October, with the usual methods (entire streaming on Bandcamp, full download only for the buyers). I’ve decided to postpone this release in order to help them having a good reception: people don’t see anything but SEA if you’re deep rooted in the mediterranean traditions. Next there will be a double release: Tetsu Mineta (ex Both Cheese), C25, guitar soli + Error Massage (Glen Galloway, ex Trumans Water, now Octagrape), C25, a full blast of rhythmic guitar noise and blurbs. The last release of the year, probably, is one of the record that i’m lookin’ for, but i mean i was always looking for: a collection of new songs by Fly Ashtray, one of my favorite bands coming from the fuzzy, weird US underground of the nineties. For the moment, that’s all. Please, excuse me if i have some weak moments, i’m tryin’ to do my best with seriality, but sometimes in life somethin’ happen. And this label-thing is totally rooted in my everyday life. So, specially for the distros that have paid in advance, guys, u don’t have to be worried: many gifts are coming from yr favorite boutique. Keep follow this page in the next weeks. Ciao.


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