Körper / Leib 011: Curse Purse – Hundred Headless C20 (preview)

Welcome Curse Purse in K/L family. Really happy to announce this cassette of one of the best out-rock outfit in USA. Selected copies will land in the USA after the release date, scheduled for the first two weeks of July. This is also the latest and last installment of the “West Mass Batch”, inaugurated by Luxardo, continued by Bromp Treb and completed by this C20. Matt and me have a mutual exchange – of boxes, letters or experiences – now usual for more than two years and this tape is a kind of fulfillment; not least the Curse Purse is in my opinion one of the best bands rock out in the United States, as well as pivot and epicenter of the Boston scene. Ted, in fact, drums and guitar, is the owner of FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, as well as stirrer with multiple groups, Miss Olivia Kennett, voice synthesizer, is totally involved in that scene – remarkable split with Andrew Pensado, on the label of Matt, Hidden Temple Tapes – and finally, mr. Robidoux, precisely, guitar and vocals, that probably some European and Italian will remember for his past in Speedy Ortiz. “Hundred Headless” is the penultimate of K/L tape before a much-needed summer break, more news will follow soon. meanwhile u can pre-order it in the usual way (korperleib@gmail.com).

“Perhaps the Curse Purse CURSE is real? We opened the clasp in 2014 and chaos was inflicted in several forms – two automobile break-ins, one towed automobile, one totally destroyed automobile, one border entry denied, a few poor restaurant choices. We tried a counter-spell on stage at a witch museum in Salem, Massachusetts but to no avail. We lie dormant at the foot of the Poet’s Seat until the curse passed over us. We could only walk the 1.1 miles between each other’s house for practice and at that had to watch the ice. We returned to recording and performing in anticipation that the spell had finally worn off, and it appears it has. Herein lies the record of that dormancy, under the sandstone seat that could erode at any moment…”


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