Körper / Leib 010: Bromp Treb – The Last Functioning Audio Cassette Left On The Planet C60(preview)

Found in a lead box, this is the last electro-mechanically functioning audio cassette left on the planet. In spite of the Gaia-wobble and switched poles, every pathetic particle desperately and thankfully remains clinging to this dysfunctional globe. The magnetic data remains here encoded in high-bias chrome. No it cannot be played on a garden computer. It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet? A primitive mix tape cut from slices of time segmented samples recreated with binary yes no machines copying reprinting pushing back into analogs and copying the reprints, removing and overdubbing, but mostly accumulating, replaying, and reperforming. Bromp Treb listened to digital machines but with analog ears and made a cast of those ears and then buried the casts in magnetically-charged metal shavings. The result was plastic and tangible, illegible but lost, until now. Tape collages from recordings made with many devices from 2013 – 2016.


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