Körper / Leib 008: Radford Electronics C30 (preview)

This is the an excerpt from the first record of Radford Electronics, the duo composed by Eks (K/L followers surely knows its output) and me, Aaron Rumore. We’re very pleased to present this record, after five or six months of practicing, working and head-cleaning – in some way. This snippet is only an appetizer for the release party, that will be at Cellar Theory, in Naples, Feb 10th, with our brothers Tricatiempo (Costanzo, Gabola, Grieco) and the amazing fire-music unit Jooklo Duo, for the occasion with the saxophonist Mette Rasmussen. The pre-order starts now, the tape will be available around that date. Thank to everyone who helped us, in every possible way (brother Il Cirillo is the first of every list!). There will be more accurate details so on, for now open your ears to the spastic-noisey guitar/beats in it. 


2016 has not started in the best way for the guys as they have faced several legal problems: an assault by four french stalkers and a fight in a room that didn’t have a happy ending for the beatmaker Eks. Four stalkers called “Les énervés on tour” obsessively followed the guys for six months (lurking beneath their house, threatening them and going so far as to threaten L., the mother of one the guys). April 15, 2015, guitarist Aaron Rumore was in a gas station in Hamburg in his Audi and, tired of provocations, he struck one of them (the twenty years old Perrine D.) after she blew out a cigarette on the window of his car. Everything was filmed by a security camera and Rumore was denounced and then fined € 1,000. Against Perrine it was instead issued a restraining order that ordered to stay at least one kilometer away from the guys, facing a fine of € 25,000.




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