Radford Electronics November Tour

After the amazing show at Cellar Theory of the last week, Radford Electronics decided to join the Neapolitan gang in touring across Italy with the amazing Andrea Pensado. To be specifically, all was decided in one night, the same night of the show, and this is the most important value of the thing: everyone can do it, or at least we like to think this way. First night they headed in Rome, at the amazing Forte Fanfulla, hosted by one the nicest person in Italy, Manu (from bands Holiday Inn and Trans Upper Egypt). The show was intense, thanks to Arma and Andrea. The after-show in one of the most transversal place in Rom was fuckin’ nuts. The following two days was spent in Turin, with the Radio Black Out crew. The guys hosted a radio show (Arsa La Notte) with small live sets from Radford Electronics, Andrea Pensado, the bio-hacker Gaia Leandra and Les Enerves. Another amazing thing: if you’re part of a family, the family never leaves you; i mean: meeting in Turin our friends from Naples, Ron and Giulio from the last band named upon, it was a nice and happy coincidence. The next day at the Radio Black Out first floor there was a very interesting workshop about bio-hacking and unconventional use of biology and technology made by Gaia and then a blast of improvised live sets (Saba Saba, Eks + Gaia Leandra; Gaia Leandra + Tom De Testa; Aaron Rumore + Andrea Pensado + Mario Gabola; Mario Gabola + Tom De Testa; Andrea Pensado; Eks) and then a nice selection of neomelodic stuffs mashed with Breakcore, 90’s Gabber music and first wave Hardcore done by both Eks and Mario. The last day of the route was at Casa Del Vento near Ravenna, one of the most comfortable places ever seen; playing in front of a chimney is a good mean for “no stress”. So, we had to thank everyone helped us in this tour: Mario Gabola for bring us with patience, Andrea Pensado who becames Neapolitan in only five days, Gaia for having shown us the beer under the microscope, the amazing Bob Junior, the whole staff of Radio Black Out (Tom, Kebab and Arianna for the hospitality) and Michele and all the guys at Casa Del Vento (really nice pizzas and pasta!). Soon Radford Electronics will release their first cassette on K/L, the recordings are over and all is done. Keep eyes open.


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