K/L Download Batch

Hello everyone,
some matters with postage and shippings happened, so every order or pre-order placed in the last three weeks will be done after July 15. For the same reason also the promotional copies are a bit delayed. Very sorry for this mistake. However this is my excuse: i’ve decided to give you a download batch of the last three K/L records: Polveriera (005), Bitcoin (006) and MANAS (007) plus a little surprise (two preview tracks of the next two K/L releases: Nubilum and Radford Electronics). As regarding the buyers, i hope to excuse me with an extra item in the package. Hope to make you happy despite all this logistical problems.





Körper 001: Aun/Rainbow Island (C40; split) SOLD OUT
Körper 002: Sandra Bell – Dreams Of Falling (C42; reissue) SOLD OUT
Körper 003: Eks – EksM (C42)
Körper 004: Talibam! – Free World (C40)
Körper 005: Polveriera – From 143 to 236 (C35)
Körper 006: Bitcoin – Different Traces In Fictional Languages (C30)
Körper 007: MANAS – Things Of Outtakes (C35)

Coming next:
Körper 008: Nubilum (C35)
Körper 009: Radford Electronics – Balene (C35)


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