Körper / Leib 005: Polveriera – From 143 To 236 C35 (preview)

This is the first album of Polveriera, solo project of Fabrizio Vatieri an artist who mainly works with photography, previously member of neapolitan prog-punk band Ne Travaillez Jamais. “From 143 to 236” is a record that tells about the change of civic number of the house where he grew up occurred after he left this house. He decided to use this event as a way to combine biography and topography, using field recordings, photographs, percussions. “From 143 to 236” has been composed between 2012 and 2014, using tape-recorders, Roland SP-404, Space Echo, Piezo electric, Roland Alpha Juno II, Oud, Drums, Voice, found-objects, 6×7 negative films and a Fuji 670 GWIII. Please, listen to it with your friends in the car, as loud as possible, in the parking lot of the mall, in the late afternoon on a Monday autumn.


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