Körper/Leib 001: Aun/Rainbow Island C40



Here’s the digital version of the first tape, shipments will start November 29th, the release date of the physical item. This is the first Körper/Leib issue: a split between AUN and Rainbow Island. Both these bands are involved in perpetuating different tropes of the polyvalent term psychedelia. The latter are a central italian unit that ranges from sultriness and mental dispersion, they’re acid and groovy, in a non-danceable – but yet physic – mean. Their imaginary shifts from videoludic drugapulco to incorporeal rendition of kosmos. The first are a canadian duo with a solid background in obscure and moody music, that find here their accordance between the psychedelic-messianic moments and their dark and dense other side: a two faced monster trapped in five pieces. The first track called “Segway Death” features italian occultist Mai Mai Mai. Aun gear list features: Professional Trainer Organ and YRG Guitar. Rainbow Island gear list features: MFB Synth Lite 2, DSI MoPho, Alesis Micron, Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark I, Drums, Pure Data, Korg Electribe, ZoomH2N.

Pre-order here: korperleib@gmail.com


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